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    This feels too weird. 

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    Pluto becoming a planet again has really taught us that if we complain hard enough about something, we can change things, even on a planetary level

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    Normal People: October! Warm clothes, Halloween, pumpkin spiced everything, haunted hay rides, changing leaves, yay!

    LoK fandom: October. The month for Korra. Korra’s month. The month specifically designed to honor Korra.

    Korra’s month.

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    Zhu Li, do the thing!

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    1. me: *playing an rpg*
    2. me: I'm gonna be the villain this time
    3. me: *starts to feel bad and makes good choices*
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    Steal Her Look: Dancing Emoji

    Marchesa silk gazar gown ($6,950)

    Casadei pumps ($1,300)

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    The Legend of Korra’s Final Book Countdown

    "Fire is the element of power. The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want."

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    get your head in the game

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  8. Anonymous said: why do girls go to the bathroom together






    • to keep out the creepers trying to sneak a peak into the girl bathroom while your peeing
    • to have a feeling of security
    • to have a place to talk where the boys can’t hear
    • to have someone to help with either your hair, outfit or makeup
    • to gossip in safety
    • to cry in safety
    • to talk about the hottie in your algebra class
    • to get away from the forever judging society filled with antifeminists for a few moments
    • to tell each other you look like sluts and need to tone down the cat eye and pull up your shirt without the chance of other people hearing
    • to tell a secret
    • possibly because you both have to go to the bathroom

    Also to rap battle

    To sacrifice the males

    To have lesbian sex

    To open the Chamber of Secrets


  9. Saying Yes

    Why is it always so hard to say yes to things?  Not for everyone, of course.  Some people have no problem saying yes to new things, they enjoy it and aren’t afraid to take risks.  Other people say yes even if they don’t want to because they just want to make others happy.  For me, 90% of the time my answer is always no, at least when it comes to something out of my comfort zone.  And it’s…

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    okay but a story about an asexual pirate who gets made fun of by the crew until he saves all of them from sirens

    A pirate for the adventure, not the booty


    oh my gosh i want that on a bumper sticker


    Trying to pilot a ship here. Thanks.


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    1. albus severus potter: dad you were totally a jock
    2. harry potter: i was not
    3. albus severus potter: dad you were totally a jock with a trust fund, because only a jock with a trust fund would give me a name like this
    4. harry potter: i was not a jock with a trust fund. ginny, set albus straight
    5. ginny potter: honey, you were and are a jock with a trust fund
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    Devil’s Tramping Ground a wooded section of Chatham County, North Carolina. A forty foot in diameter circle, can be found there. Any objects that appear in the circle will mysteriously disappear or get moved from within the circle. No wildlife, vegetation, or inanimate objects can be found in the circle known as the Devil’s Tramping Ground. This phenomenon was first discovered in the early 1800s and is believed that Satan paces around this circle and ponders about ways to undo mankind..

    boy scout troups have tried camping on it, and woken up in their tents a few miles away. Some guys tried to stay up all night in a tent on the spot, and later reported that a soft, soothing melodic voice lulled them to sleep and they too woke up a few miles away

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    Noah has a close encounter with a Triceratops

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    that’s exactly what someone who’s dating their dad would say

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